Selous Workforce

March 26, 2021
Selous Workforce
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Enhance your business’ productivity with
efficient access to your work site…
And be sure that you are safe and compliant with OSH

Selous Workforce offers with qualified and professional rope access technicians for all industrial fall protection, abseiling services, height safety access equipment and height safety training.

This allows you to enhance productivity, save money and be sure that your business meets all fall protection and working at heights regulations.

Design and installation of fall protection and height access systems

Let us assess your current workplace to design a height safety system that promotes efficiency from employees whilst ensuring your business is compliant with fall protection and height safety regulations.

Get all height safety products, including safety and rope access anchors, walkways, ladders & PPE equipment.

Rope access and abseiling technicians

Need to get to those hard to access places? Have a job that is out of your normal height worker’s capabilities?
Our rope access technicians have gone through a huge amount of rope access and height safety training and can meet your requirements.

Searching for an abseiler for a one off job?

We are part of a wide network of industrial abseilers and rope access technicians, and if you need to find the right technicians for a one off service, we can provide them.
The technicians we provide will be suited for your job, fully certified and provide a professional service.


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